THE WORLD BACKWARDS Russian Futurist Books 1912-16


Susan P.Compton

The British Library, 1978

The British Library, London, 1978. Softcover, pp 136, with 4 colour plates and 81 b/w illustrations.

In December 1912, in the manifesto “A Slap in Public Taste”, an aggressive group of young Russian artists rebelled against the established artistic approach of the powerful Symbolist generation. They were immediately nicknamed Futurists, in stark contrast to the Italian movement of that name. The Russians were looking for a “world from the end”, World backwards, and gave that title to one of the most extraordinary series of picture books. The British Library has acquired a superb and representative collection of Russian Futurist books which constitutes a unique testimony. Drawing on this material, this book examines the complexity of Russian Futurism and provides an unrivaled collection of illustrations highlighting developments in theater, graphic design, and art in its heyday. Excellent copy.